Game and Nature Reserves

Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park

Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park is the national park boasts of a fascinating coastal landscape, something hard enough to find in a majorly inland country. The park surrounds a small group of islands on the North Sea coast and covers around 12,000 hectares of coastal mudflats. The three islands situated in the park are the green island of Neuwerk, the dune island of Scharhörn and the artificial bird island of Nigehörn which is closed to the public.

alster lakes

Außenalster or Outer Alster Lake is the larger one of two artificial lakes, which are formed by the Alster River and are both located within the city limits of Hamburg, Germany. The other lake is the Binnenalster. The Außenalster and its shores are used by the inhabitants of Hamburg for many sport and recreational purposes such as sailing and rowing.

Stadtpark hamburg

Hamburg Stadtpark is a 148 hectares large urban park in the Hamburg district of Winterhude, in the borough of Hamburg-Nord. Alongside Altona Volkspark, it is the largest park in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Germany. The Stadtpark is regarded as the “green heart” of the city, despite being located some 3km from the inner city. The largest parks in the city center are Planten un Blomen and the Alsterpark.

Duvenstedter Brook

Duvenstedter Brook Vast nature reserve area with forests, bogs, meadows and marshes, plus bird-watching & wild game.

Duvenstedter Brook Image Map